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Our Guides prepared by ours in order to introduce Turkey to our Guests. We hope that you/your colleagues will enjoy them.

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ISTANBUL GUIDE When you arrived Istanbul, you will be in a city of peace, where East and West shake hands, where North and South embrace. You are in the shade of a tree of culture thousands of years of old, whose roots reach back to wellspring of wisdom of these ancient lands. A world capital built on an inheritance of great empires, sublime religions and innumerable cultures and civilizations.

BUYUKADA (PRINCESS ISLANDS) The Princess Islands are a combination of nine islands off the Asian coast of Istanbul, in the Sea of Marmara.

LYKIA REGION The region, west of the line between the north edge of Antalya Bay and Fethiye (Telmessos) was called Lykia in ancient times. The coastline in the Lykia region has a complex structure, allowing ships to dock, contrary to the other coastline area in Pamphylia. Therefore, you may find ruins next to each bay along this coastline. Works from the Bronze Age, were found in Semahiiyuk, near Elmali, in the inner parts of the region…
Homeros, the Anatolian poet, was the first to mention and describe this region. He wrote about the Lykians, and Sarpedon, their brave leader, who fought against the Trojans and described Xantos (Kinik). Heredetos, the historian who lived in the fifth century BC described the Lydians fiasco in capturing Lykia…

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